Employment Verification Process


Do you need employment verifications for home loans, auto loans, past employment, credentialing or any other employment related verification? We would be happy to assist you…


All Employment Verifications received from the requesting agency or company must include:
• Consent Form signed by you
• Last 4 digits of the Social Security Number
• Full Name
• Contact Information for requesting party

The requesting party can email a signed release and the requested information/form to verifications@lexingtonhealth.com for completion. If email if not applicable they may be faxed to 630-458-4795.

Please note that the turnaround time for any verifications or calls to the verification line is 72 business hours. This is a centralized process for all employees at Lexington Health, Royal Management and all subsidiaries, no matter your facility or work location.

For questions regarding this process, status checks or additional questions from requesting parties, please call the Verifications hotline at