Memory Care Program


What is Memory Care?

Memory Care is program model that has been created to support the needs of those living with progressed stages of memory loss in a long term care setting. A preventative well being program focused on quality of life beyond a resident’s daily clinical care needs. A designated area within our long term care setting has been identified and enhanced with environmental features and program services in an effort to best support holistic care needs for the person living with progressed memory loss.

Our philosophy of Memory Care Programs

We strive to create a culture in which “we work where our residents live” versus “they live where we work.” Through relationships, we will work to create days that go beyond predictable clinical outcomes. It is our vision to create a long term care setting where residents living with memory loss will have a chance to contribute and connect with others in meaningful ways each day.


Just like you and I, each person living with memory loss needs to know that they are cared about, valued and needed. Each day at Lexington we strive to create the opportunities for residents to CONTRIBUTE with their remaining abilities and have chances to CONNECT with others thru meaningful interactions. Beyond prepared group leisure on our monthly calendar these opportunities are focused on everyday to provide quality of life in meaningful ways for each person. Some examples of the types of contributions and connections that may occur each day may include Discussion about meaningful topics and events from a resident’s life history, singing a song, laughing together, helping to pass out supplies and assist with set up or clean of planned activities, provide a favorite blanket and music or sometimes just a simple hug and hello makes ALL the difference.

With thoughtful input from family and staff alike, Lexington has worked to capture ways to improve the family members visit with their loved one. An interactive walking path has been designed with panoramic outdoor murals for conversation prompters as well as visitor baskets with supplies provided to make a “meaningful visit” for both family members and residents. Working as partners with family members, Lexington Health Network is committed to doing their best in making “meaningful days” for their residents living with progressed memory loss in all ways possible.