Speech Therapy

In our partnership with RehabCare, we provide speech therapy up to 7 days a week, if needed. We collaborate with our patients’ physician and our registered dietician to provide speech therapy services as needed.
Lexington’s Speech Therapy Program & Interventions include:
Dysphagia/Dysarthria & Aphasia
Dysphagia may be a result of a stroke or other neurological condition. Treatments include exercises, teaching, foods with altered textures and at times, the use of specialized equipment. We are also able to treat patients with Aphasia that may also be a result of a stroke, injury or neurological condition.

• Oral Motor Strengthening
• Compensatory techniques
• Dietary modifications
• Speech Intelligibility
• On-site Videofloroscopy
• Expressive & Receptive Language
• Reading Comprehension
• Alternative Communication Devices

Cognitive Retraining
Problem Solving
Memory Improvement
Relaxation Techniques to enhance breathing patterns