We are Chicagoland’s leader in the provision of sub-acute and rehabilitative services, specialty care programs, long-term skilled, memory and dementia care, assisted and independent living, home health care, hospice, and private care services.
Our dedicated team of professionals has developed a new approach to how we will serve our residents living with memory loss in our Memory Care Program. We are creating a culture where “We work where our residents live” versus “They live where we work.”
It is our hope to create meaningful days that will result in improved daily quality of life for our residents living with memory loss. We will be working from a relationship-based model of care where we know our residents beyond their diagnosis and care about them deeply as a person.
That is where you our potential VOLUNTEER comes in as we work together to make meaningful days for our residents. As quoted by our company founder, “We are not a substitute for your family, but merely an extension of your family.” We are excited that you are considering our LEXINGTON FAMILY as a volunteer.

The heart that gives….gathers. ~ Hannah Moore

Your Part:
Choose from the following volunteer opportunities:
•  Individualized Student Experience
•  Contributions Partner
•  Connections Partner
•  Family Social Hostess
•  Memory Care Volunteer

Our Part:
A dedicated team of caring professionals to work together with our residents to provide a meaningful experience.