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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardio Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a program designed specifically for you and includes education, exercise, lifestyle changes, and emotional support. It is designed to help you live a more active life after you have had a heart attack or heart surgery, or if you have a long-term heart problem such as Congestive Heart Failure, post coronary artery bypass surgery, post-myocardial infarction/heart attack, Coronary Artery Disease, angina management, coumadin management, weight and fluid management, or a cardiac disease. If you and your physician decide cardio rehabilitation is right for you, the following information outlines what you can expect while receiving rehabilitation at Lexington Health Care Centers.

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What to Expect

  1. Tour a Lexington Health Center of your choice. Our Cardiac team plans for your transition back home even before you arrive. Our team creates a customized treatment plan after your first therapy visit at our facility. Cardiac rehabilitation has two phases. Your physician will determine which phase is best for you and how long you need to participate in each phase.
  2. The goals of this phase ensure you can tolerate activity without experiencing cardiac symptoms while maximizing your independence. This phase contains education about physical activity and cardiac risk factors such as high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, Diabetes, stress, smoking, and weight.
  3. Physical and occupational therapy is started with low intensity, short duration walking within the parameters of your cardiac limitations. You may have a mobility device, so graded exercise programs along with occupational therapy will help you develop safe and modified skills for functional tasks, such as car transfers and bathing.
  4. You and your therapists will develop a treatment plan that will facilitate your return to the activities you were doing before hospitalization. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are slightly more progressive and include a low-impact aerobic exercise program designed to improve overall cardiopulmonary function. This program is enhanced by a home program you can do on non-therapy days.
  5. Your Lexington team will help you determine your adaptive equipment needs for home and community tasks and assist you with functional skills needed for task modification and work simplification to address any limitations in your activity tolerance and endurance so you can return home.
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