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Emergency Preparedness for Patients, Residents and Guests

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Emergency Preparedness

January 29, 2019

Be aware that we are expecting severe “Artic Blast” weather for the next 48 hours, and this has activated our Emergency Preparedness Procedures. Lexington Health Network has taken steps to ensure the security and comfort for all our patients and residents during this time. We ask that guests and families avoid visits and travel time to our facilities during this time to ensure your safety as well. In the event there is a need to communicate a change in facility status, you will be messaged by our mass communications technology.

Emergency Preparedness Statement

We hope it never happens, but emergencies and disasters may occur at any time and may impact a facility’s ability to respond effectively to and during the emergency. Each Lexington Health Care facility prepares for emergencies and disasters by utilizing an Emergency Preparedness Program. Depending on the severity or scope of the incident, families and employees are advised to stay tuned to the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Lexington Health Network website, and Lexington Health Network social media for information and updates.

Check this page regularly for Lexington Emergency Preparedness Information