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Lexington Squares

Lexington Square is an ideal lifestyle and wellness choice if you are a senior who is generally healthy and able to live on your own but who is ready to give up the demands of homeownership. You continue to make your own lifestyle decisions and have freedom to pursue an active social life, choose as much privacy as you want and enjoy on-site conveniences such as dining and home upkeep. Your time—without the burdens of running a home—is yours to spend as you like, with a long list of services and amenities available every day.

As part of Lexington Square’s care continuum, staff and caregivers are available on one campus to address health issues as they arise, including those that require skilled nursing services. The spectrum of lifestyle and care options lends you security…and your family. Plus, monthly fees are predictable, and the entrance fee is refundable. These conditions enable you to thrive among friends—on your terms—with the comfort of loyal support from staff at Lexington Square.

Please visit our dedicated site for more information on Lexington Square at www.lexingtonsquares.com.

Assisted-living at Lexington Squares Lombard

Assisted Living at Lexington Square is a living solution best suited to you if you are a senior who no longer wants to live alone, or who should not. Our beautiful home becomes yours, with important differences. Here, we feature support, companionship and professional services geared toward fostering and maintaining your quality of life. We take great care to customize assistance that meets your personal needs and preferences with flexibility to change as needed.

Please visit our dedicated site for more information on Lexington Square at www.lexingtonsquares.com.

Eastgate Manor

Eastgate Manor is the leading destination for supportive living in Illinois. Proud to have been the first Certified Supportive Living Community in McHenry County and remain a top-rated supportive living facilities in Illinois.

Since 2000, Eastgate Manor has been helping seniors 65 and older transition from living on their own to living independently in a supportive environment. The Eastgate community features private apartments, social events and outings, chef-prepared meals, 24/7 certified nursing assistants, and so much more. At Eastgate Manor you can live life to the fullest.

Providing peace of mind for families and independence for seniors

The decision to move into supportive or assisted living can be difficult for the whole family. Eastgate Manor is committed to providing peace of mind through our dedication to the individual, offering a variety of amenities and personal care options. You are a partner in determining the level of care needed when that need should arise.

Senior-style apartment living allows a perfect blend of independence and assistance, depending on individual needs.

You will never have to worry about your living situation changing just because your financial situation may change. As a Certified Supportive Living community, Eastgate can work with and apply for Medicaid through this state funded program so your life can be uninterrupted at Eastgate Manor should your assets be depleted.

Visit us for more information on this website or www.eastgatemanor.com