Lexington Health Network


EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Integration


Lexington Health Network is committed to your privacy and documenting accurate and timely information for our clinicians. In 2013, our skilled nursing faculties were converted to an electronic medical record system that no longer requires paper folders and files, increasing record security and accessibility.  Our entire network converted to EMR in 2018. All clinicians and remote physicians have access to patients’ charts the instant they need it.  Our system is secure, HIPAA compliant, and comprehensive, enabling us to better treat the whole person and not just a single medical situation. Less paper also preserves natural resources, something important to everyone on the planet.

LexConnect Telemedicine


In 2015, we introduced LexConnect Telemedicine, an innovative service uniquely created for Lexington Health Network skilled facilities. Our goal was to find opportunities to minimize stress on our patients but increase care 24/7.

Telemedicine is a tool that gives patients and residents immediate, 24/7 access to physicians and medical specialists when clinical issues arise, especially after-hours, to support better healing and create more nurturing experiences. 90% of the time, our remote telemedicine consults allow patients to remain comfortably in our care, avoiding a stressful ambulance transfer to a hospital’s busy emergency room. LexConnect Telemedicine consults give our patients faster and improved care, comfort, and peace of mind, so our patients get the care they need, when they need it, day or night.

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AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill



Lexington proundly offers the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill to help optimize treatment results, so our patients get back to the activities they love faster. Patented NASA technology allows for precise partial weight bearing which means people on the mend can train like never before. This cutting-edge equipment is also used by professional athletes and elite medical facilities to revolutionize recovery programs.

Originally conceived for NASA’s astronauts, Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology has been adapted by AlterG® for use in training and rehabilitation of lower extremity injuries, treatment of neurological conditions, weight reduction, aerobic conditioning, and general training to combat the diseases of aging.

Unweighting is achieved in the AlterG® by using air in a pressure-controlled chamber to gently lift the user. Precise calibration, using patented technology allows for very specific unweighting from 100-20% of the user’s body weight in 1% increments, something no other unweighting modality can do. Clinical studies show these unique treadmills can help decrease ground reaction forces in walking and running. Allowing for the protection of healing tissue, the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill encourages range of motion and earlier initiation of closed-kinetic chain activity (exercises performed where an extremity remains in contact with an immobile surface, usually the ground or the base of a machine). This type of training prevents disuse atrophy and encourages more rapid return of motor control.

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Accelerated Care Plus & OmniVR®



Lexington partners with Accelerated Care Plus (ACP™) and provides progressive rehabilitation technologies, specialized treatment programs, and advanced therapist training. Through ACP™, we offer the OmniVR®, the world’s first 3D “virtual rehabilitation” system designed specifically for aging adults, medically complex patients, and others with physical limitations caused by illness, injury, or surgery. The easy-to-use technology uses an advanced 3D camera and specialized computer software to track the patient’s precise movements, allowing users to interact in a virtual world, expanding physical capabilities while having fun.

The OmniVR® offers a variety of exercise programs including seated exercises, walking and balance exercises, wheelchair control exercises, upper extremity exercises, and cognitive activities. OmniVR® helps patients improve the following impairments or conditions: post-stroke, general debility, muscle weakness, imbalance, sitting, balancing and posture, neurodegenerative conditions, cognitive impairment and wheelchair mobility

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