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6 Unique Ways To Celebrate Senior Citizens

August 21st is National Senior Citizen Days. The point of this holiday is for everyone to get involved and give back to the seniors who have already given so much.

“Throughout our history, older people have achieved much for our families, our communities, and our country. That remains true today, and gives us ample reason this year to reserve a special day in honor of the senior citizens who mean so much to our land.” – Ronald Reagan

Preserve A Story
Record a senior telling one of their favorite stories, like the first dance they attended, how they met their spouse or their wedding day. This is a great way to preserve family stories for future generations.

Make Sunshine Baskets
These small gift baskets cheer people up and let them know you’re thinking of them. Often, the items in these baskets are yellow and symbolize sunshine and cheer, or they can be a mixture of the recipient’s favorite things.

Make A Cookbook
Get together and fill a book with your own favorite recipes. Food preferences can change a lot over the decades, and it can be interesting for you and your senior relatives to try what other generations like.

Paint Together
Get outside for a painting or drawing session. Head to a favorite park, outdoor café or beach and get inspired by painting the scenery around you. It’s also a great way for seniors to talk to others.

Make a Donation
Donate books to a local senior living community. Many senior centers are stuck with the same reading material that has been around for years. Drop off a few books you’ve read and enjoyed to freshen up the selection.

Stroll Down Memory Lane
As a surprise, gather up old memories that have been collecting dust—photo albums, slides, recipe books, and even journals. If feasible, return to your elderly relative’s hometown, college,or honeymoon destination.

For a downloadable PDF of these ideas, click here.