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80% of strokes can be prevented, learn how…

A stroke occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts.

The facts

50% of Americans posses a major risk factor for stroke
A stroke occurs every 40 seconds
3/4 people who suffer a stroke have high blood pressure
If you already had one stroke you are at a higher risk for another stroke

Signs of a Stroke

– Face: Does one side of you face droop when you smile?
– Arms: When you lift both arms does one drift back down?
– Speech: Is your speech slurred or does it sound odd?
– Time: If you see any of these signs call 911 right away.

You can greatly reduce your risk for a stroke through lifestyle changes.



For more information on strokes, visit: http://www.stroke.org/understand-stroke/preventing-stroke/lifestyle-risk-factors

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