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Walking preparation program – 1 mile is the goal

To fully enjoy a vacation, a special city outing or a fun trip to the mall, walking is usually required. To get the most out of local sightseeing and participation in activities, we created a program to assist with building up stamina and walking distance. Lexington Health Care Center of Elmhurst Physical Therapist, Hisham, has suggestions for preparing for your trip.

Get Ready

Consult your Physician
Get a check-up and make sure your medications are in order. Please consult your physician regarding your exercise needs and restrictions.

Prepare & Equip
Get a comfortable pair of shoes and make sure you have all your equipment ready. Walking can be done anywhere: in a park, around your neighborhood, in a mall, on a treadmill, etc.

Start Slow
Slowly start increasing your walking everyday by 10-15 minute increments so that you can prepare for walking and sightseeing.

Assess your Body
Listen to your body! Don’t overdo it, you don’t have to see it all in one day. After walking, assess how your body feels and determine what feels right to continue to build your endurance.

1 Mile Walking Preparation Schedule

3-4 Weeks from departure date (Active Lifestyle) The table below is set up for a 4 week program
6-8 Weeks from departure date (Inactive Lifestyle) Cut all the miles/minutes in the table below in half

4 Week Preparation Time Table

These guidelines can be tailored to you, so add or subtract minutes/distance to what you feel is best for you. You know you best! Make a plan and take the time for yourself to prepare for that special outing. Always check with your doctor first before starting a new workout regimen. Also, get a friend to do it with you….the more the merrier.

For a Downloadable Sheet of this info, Click Here