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Respite Care


Respite care is a short-term stay at a senior-living or nursing community, often suggested for seniors who are recovering from a hospital visit or other health circumstance. Respite care is also available when a caregiver takes an extended vacation or if they need a break to self-nurture. It may also be an opportunity to try a new senior-living setting for their loved one. Our respite care services are available for a variety of care levels, including assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing care.



Skilled Nursing/Rehabilition Respite

We offer respite care at all ten of our skilled nursing facilities. Our skilled care professionals assume caregiver responsibilities for a predetermined amount of time. Skilled nursing care centers provide 24-hour staffing to provide comprehensive health care services for people requiring a higher level of care. In respite care, our centers promote autonomy and choice and offer a variety of services, social activities, and recreational opportunities. Respite care helps caregivers re-energize, reduce stress, and address personal needs that may have become neglected because of care responsibilities.

Independent Living or Assisted Living Respite

Our professional staff partners with your family to provide loving care, engaging social events, fine dining, and attentive support. You live in a fully furnished apartment in our Lexington Square community and have access to all the services and amenities afforded to full-time residents. We offer independent living for short-term stays as well as assisted living which offers more levels of supervision, personal and medical care for individuals who are no longer able to live alone.


If your family simply needs time to recharge by taking a break from care-giving, we are honored to support you. Our long history of understanding and managing the needs of seniors enable us to step in with confidence to help you and, in turn, help your family. If you are recuperating from an illness or surgery, our round-the-clock staff offers peace of mind to you and your family because if urgent needs arise, they will be addressed quickly by skilled professionals dedicated to inspiring lives in meaningful ways every day.

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