Lexington Health Network

Service Excellence

What is Service Excellence?


Service Excellence is Lexington Health Network’s process of continuously demonstrating to our patients, residents, and families that they are personally valued and that their overall service experiences are our highest priority. We strive to lessen the fear and uncertainty that can accompany health care encounters by sharing information, collaborating with patients and families, anticipating needs, and personalizing experiences. We see patients and families as care partners and important members of our team.

Lexington Health Network’s Service Excellence vision is to be the most person-centered, compassionate, respected and sought after provider in the communities we serve.  Above all else, we strive to exceed expectations and treat every person we encounter as we would our own family or best friend.  Lexington Health Network is committed to delivering the highest level of service by committing to and delivering our healthcare service promises.

What does Service
Excellence mean?



Watch the video below to see what Service Excellence means to Lexington Health Network’s Service Excellence Managers



ICARE Service Promise

 I           Introduce Ourselves

We will provide an energetic and sincere warm welcome.

C          Courtesy and Compassion

We demonstrate genuine care and concern seeking first to understand.

A          Always Positive

We create environments characterized by optimism, authenticity and a spirit of encouragement.

R          Responsibility to do What’s Right

We proactively own guest issues and display the highest level of professionalism in our job roles.

E          Exceed Expectations

We are committed to anticipating needs and exploring innovative ways to continuously surprise and delight.

ICARE Support

The staff at Lexington is committed to providing outstanding care, to comfort you and your family during your stay. In most cases, our caring social service, human resource department or any member of our management staff will be able to answer your questions concerning patient care or services as well as employee-related issues quickly.

If you are unhappy at any time with the response you receive from our staff, we encourage you to call our
ICARE Help Line (630) 748-3552 to record a message to share your experience with us.

I CARE is a service available to our patients, their families and our employees as a place to turn for assistance in obtaining answers to their important questions or concerns that may not have been adequately addressed by our facility staff.