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Sleep Care and Therapy

Sleep Care and Therapy

Merit Sleep Management (part of Lexington Health Network) is accredited to provide diagnostic and therapeutic testing in cooperation with your physician for close to a hundred different sleep disorders. Our trusted sleep therapy technicians can quickly schedule an appointment for you. Merit’s number-one goal is to ensure the best results for every patient.

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What to Expect

  1. Our multi-disciplinary team will provide a quick timetable for your sleep study after receiving your doctor’s order or your request to arrange a referral for you.
  2. We coordinate with your insurance provider, provide necessary documentation, and create an individualized plan for you which might include prior authorization, quoted benefits, and an out of pocket expense estimate.
  3. Your personalized program might include an overnight sleep study in one of our private suites with a private bath, in-home sleep study, CPAP/Bi-PAP equipment and related supplies.
  4. Your sleep coordinator will schedule and guide you through each step of your customized plan.
  5. Sleep study results are interpreted by board-certified sleep specialists who collaborate with your physician to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan.
  6. We will help facilitate your follow-up care plan, coordinating with medical specialists, organizing therapeutic sleep equipment, providing support, counseling, education, and ongoing sleep-care management.
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