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LexConnect Telemedicine

What is LexConnect Telemedicine?

LexConnect Telemedicine is a tool that gives patients and residents immediate 24/7 access to physicians and medical specialists when clinical issues arise, especially after-hours, to support better healing and create more nurturing experiences. LexConnect Telemedicine is available in all our skilled nursing facilities.

Ninety percent of the time, our remote telemedicine consults allow patients to remain comfortably in our care, avoiding a stressful ambulance transfer to a hospital’s busy emergency room. LexConnect Telemedicine consults give our patients faster and improved care, comfort, and peace of mind. LexConnect is powered by Curatess, the Essential Care Open Telehealth Platform.

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How does LexConnect work?

  1. LexConnect is a service that allows a patient or resident to communicate with a doctor or nurse when they or a member of our clinical team notice a non-emergency change in condition that requires an advanced medical consultation.
  2. The telehealth system is self-contained on a cart and used in a patient’s room. It will be wheeled in and can be used bedside or wherever is most comfortable for the patient.
  3. A Lexington nurse calls a remote available advanced practice nurse or a physician to consult with the patient using high definition video and audio systems.
  4. The LexConnect system is fully integrated with the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR), so the consulting doctor or nurse will have access the current change in condition notes, as well as other clinical information from the health records, during the telemedicine consultation.
  5. An integrated FDA approved stethoscope send diagnostic quality cardiac, respiratory, and bowel sounds to the remote nurse practitioner or physician.
  6. Upon completion of the telemedicine assessment, the nurse practitioner or physician can order labs or medications and communicate other clinical instructions for our nursing team, so our patients get the care they need, when they need it, day or night.
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