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Therapy Services

Individualized programs for every person


Recovering well from an illness or injury often requires therapy. Lexington proudly offers physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy up to seven days a week. We have state-of-the-art therapy gyms, equipment, and technology to help our patients gain back function to their highest ability. We work as a team with you and your physician to determine a therapy program that’s best suited for your quick recovery and therapy needs.


Physical Therapy 

Lexington proudly partners with HealthPro – Heritage Pro, a leading national provider of therapy management and consulting services, to ensure we provide therapy services that are second to none.

We offer a wide range of specialized clinical rehabilitation programs to address the unique needs of our patients, such as falls management, pain management, seating and positioning, gait, orthopedic recovery, incontinence, cardiac recovery, cognitive, pulmonary recovery, medically complex, Dementia/Alzheimer’s through Colorscapes™, video game therapy (utilizing the Wii™ gaming system), low vision, and Lymphedema.

We are proud to offer the latest innovative physical therapy tools such as Accelerated Care Plus’s OmniVR® and AlterG® (click on either name to learn more).

Respiratory Therapy

Lexington Health Network proudly partners with PEL/VIP, which provides an on-site respiratory therapist who consults with the staff on patients’ overall pulmonary rehabilitation care plans. In addition, the respiratory therapist provides direct services and treatments to patients in need of respiratory therapy.

Our respiratory therapy program includes breathing techniques and exercises, medication management, oxygen administration, monitoring, and adjustments, vest therapy (non-surgical patients and per a physician’s order), and ambulation endurance (with the six-minute walk test).

In conjunction with PEL/VIP, we provide trained, licensed respiratory therapists who have a specific skill set designed to treat post-acute patients by slowing the decline of lung function, relieving symptoms, improving daily lung function, decreasing a condition’s worsening, and improving quality of life.

Lexington and PEL/VIP work together to lower unplanned discharges, using the In-Patient C.A.R.E. Pulmonary Rehab Program© which focuses on smoking cessation, medication education, and patient/family education.


Speech Therapy

Many times, following an illness or injury, it is not uncommon to develop speech, swallowing, or cognitive problems. This is particularly true for people with neurological or memory disorders such as Dysphagia/Dysarthria and Aphasia.

Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) may be a result of a stroke or other neurological condition. Treatments include exercises, teaching sessions, eating foods with altered textures, and the use of specialized equipment.

Aphasia (loss of ability to understand or express speech) can be caused by brain damage, a stroke, injury, or a neurological condition. Speech therapy methods may include oral motor strengthening, improvement techniques, dietary modifications, speech intelligibility studies, on-site videofluoroscopy (an x-ray to see how your swallowing works), expressive and receptive language training, reading comprehension, alternative communication devices, cognitive retraining, problem solving, memory improvement, and relaxation techniques to enhance breathing patterns.

Occupational Therapy

We know how important it is to regain the ability to independently function and complete the normal activities associated with daily living such as dressing and bathing. Occupational therapy helps you regain the skills you need to perform the meaningful activities of daily life such as self-care, leisure and recreation, and work functions. Our clinical staff and therapists work with our patients daily to ensure they receive the help they need to complete activities of daily living (ADLs).

Our occupational therapy rooms are like a home environment. They have a full kitchen and living space, and a bathroom and shower to enable our patients to re-familiarize themselves with the activities associated with being at home. We support you with education and recommendations for physical changes to your home or workplace so you can transition more easily back to your day-to-day life.

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